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you ever feel the need 12-16-10 00:40
sometimes I feel like cutting off my little toe
it really gets in the way
I am 23 08-09-10 23:31
Dear all persons working in customer service,

Please stop calling me Ma'am, I am 23. Could you at least wait until I'm 30 to make me feel old?

paper 08-03-10 15:50
full picture 06-26-10 23:52
So I'm watching hulu and this ad comes up for bayer birth control comes up. Now what was weird about it was it started with a few women blind folded touching different parts of what appears to be a large animal. They would exclaim things like 'it's a pillar' or 'it's a brush' and when the camera zooms out we can see it's a rino and several stupid stupid women. Now why do I care? I recall either reading or being told of a similar scenario describing the nature of god. Stay with me here. The concept is that god is an elephant and the different interpretations of god derive from blind men touching different parts of an elephant. For instance the man touching the leg would conclude that god is strong and stubborn, the man with the trunk would conclude that god is gentle and loving and the man touching the tail might decide that god is mysterious or something to that nature. Now the only thing I can conclude is that god is birth control.
One of my better days 06-24-10 16:53
If I had an account with fml I would have probably posted there.

Coming home from the store I had purchased a 6 pack of mikes. Now I don't normally buy bitch beer but its such a nice summery day I thought I'd make an exception. I pull into the driveway of my home and open the car door. The pack falls out of the car and two bottles don't just smash but because mikes is carbonated fucking explodes. I yell FUCK only to turn around an see children staring at me from the street. My legs are sticky AND I got to pick up glass.

I feel like someone should have video taped this, it belongs on youtube.
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